Page scrolls to the footer after pressing form submit button

  • 14 October 2021
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Issue1: I’ve built two forms using elementor form. After hitting submit any message that is triggered (error or success) are scrolling the whole page down so the user doesn’t see the messages and has to scroll it up. My understanding is that the page gets refreshed after the submit button, so how to prevent the page from refreshing after submitting the form?


Issue 2: If the error occurs and you correct the mistake and you hit the next button, nothing happens, you need to press it a couple of times. Additionally, after correcting the mistake, error message doesn’t disappear until you hit the submit button again. How to trigger mistake message such as incorrect email address before the form is submitted and how to make message to disappear when the mistake is corrected?  



2 replies

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can u share page link ??

The website isn’t live yet. So the link will go to the temporary domain and you will probably get the web insecure message.