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  • 14 October 2021
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When using the ElementorPro Image Widget the title is generated automatically (dynamic). It seems it is based on the page title and a number. This title of course is stupid and not the title I added in the Media data of the according picture. There seems to be no way I can change or at least delete this generated new title. Regretfully the title appears as a tooltip (overlay) on hover over the picture. What did I do wrong and how do I change this. I would expect the media attribute “title” to be used in the widget.

This effect does not happen in a text widget where I can separately edit the title attribute in the text editor. But here I can’t use additional effects on hover for the picture. (entry page)

Thanks for your help,

2 replies

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It would help if you leave the link to your site or a short video to enlighten us and give you the best possible solution as we are not wizards or sorcerers to guess.

Thank you, Christopher, for your reply. Since you already seem to consider the ability to read as magic, I kindly ask you share a different way of transmitting the URL that is better suited to your personal abilities.

But I’m happy to repeat the URL slightly more detailed: