How to export an Elementor Landing Page as static HTML/CSS page?

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Hi all,

I am looking to find a solution that will let me export a landing page created with Elementor into a static webpage.

Let me explain a bit better because maybe you’re wondering why I am looking for such solution 😃

From time to time I have some clients that are asking to me to create just a landing page but WordPress (or Elementor for that matter) is not in their tech stack. I am aware of the Export/Import Kit tools and I’ve started to use ‘em with some projects (btw thanks for making it) but this time I have a different kind of request.

I’ve found the Export WP Page to Static HTML/CSS plugin but it does not seems to work with the Elementor landing pages because, as far as I can understand, it is a different post type. On top of that the plugin is not able to generate the zip file on my server so instead to find out why this is happening I thought first to ask to the lovely community of Elementor if some of you have already faced this need and how it has been solved.

Thank you in advance for all the suggestions!


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Alright since I have been able to solve my issue I am going to post the solution in order to help someone else (em the future me) that will came up with the same issue 😃

I mistakenly understood that the Export Kit feature was the only way to export something from an Elementor website to another but I was totally wrong!

The team behind Elementor already thought about it and let us export/import single template, so all I had to do was to save the entire page as a template and export it.

Once into the new site I just imported the generated JSON and boom, my page was there ready to be edited even more 🎉

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  1. Go to the page of which you want to export the template.
  2. Click on “Edit With Elementor” button, click on the templates icon and then choose “Save Template”
  3. Give a name to your template and click on “Save” button, your template will be saved in Template Library.

    Save the Template

    First of all, we need to save our Elementor template to export and reuse it, here is how to save your Elementor template:

  4. Go to the page of which you want to export the template
  5. Click on “Edit With Elementor” button, click on the templates icon and then choose “Save Template”

    Export and Import Elementor Template
  6. Give a name to your template and click on “Save” button, your template will be saved in Template Library

    Export and Import Elementor Template
  7. Export the Elementor Template

    We have saved our template, now we need to export the saved template to use it in another Web Project, here are the steps to export the saved Elementor template:

  8. From your WordPress dashboard, go to “Elementor > My Library” where you will get your saved elementor template
  9. Hover your cursor on it and click “Export Template” option, give a name to your file and click on “Save” button. Your file will be saved as “json” file

    Export and Import Elementor Template
  10. Import the Elementor Template

    We have exported our template, now you have to import it in your other website project. Here is how to import Elementor template:

  11. Login to your another WordPress website dashboard
  12. Go to “Elementor > My Library” and click on “Import Template” button

    Export and Import Elementor Template
  13. Choose the exported file and click on open, your template will be important to Elementor library.
  14. We hope this article helped you Export and Import Elementor Template.

Hi - This only works from one Wordpress website with Elementor to another Wordpress site with Elementor. How do we take a page designed in Elementor and add it to a website that is made with html or php ????

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Hi, I have the same question as Sarosh… The JSON templates only work if the receiving site is WordPress with Elementor. Maybe I’m missing something, but has anyone replied about how to make Elementor pages (and all other related css docs, etc) into html files?

I have an company developing a site in Drupal. Their site is going to mimic the exact look of my site. They are requesting my site as html files.

thanks so much!

Hi Dan. The  Export WP Page to Static HTML/CSS plug in works in as much as exporting each individual page as an html but not for an entire site. I was lucky my client just wanted one landing page. Have not tried to do it for an entire website. I guess we need to talk to an HTML developer to see how if we give them multiple html pages, are they going to sort them out to create one site.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks so much for your suggestion. I’ve installed and tried the plugin, but it doesn’t seem to work. It just swirls and swirls with 0% at the HTML EXPORT LOG timeline. I have a feeling it’s hosting that is causing the hang-up. I’m going to dig further into why.

many thanks!


I agree with Dan and Sarosh.

The  Export WP Page to Static HTML/CSS imports lots, tons of (no disrespect) chaff, including all the stuff which actually is NOT used into the imported page.

We all miss a good plugin capable to export the final result of the page just in HTML and pure CSS.

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The plugiun works great IF it’s not on godaddy’s managed Wordpress hosting. I moved the site to another host to test it and found no problems. Don’t use it with a managed WP site.

No, that’s not my experience.
My site is on one of the greatest hosting company in Europe: it is  not a managed WP site.

I even cleared the site of everything: templates, posts, pages, menus ... everything.
After that I used the plugin on a single page extremely basic, simple.

Same thing, nothing changed: the imported page instead of just html and CSS, contained two thousand links to files .js, .css ...all the usual excessive load of things that wordpress creates.

In short, it would take longer to clean up this "imported" page, than to make a new one from the scratch..


I tested the free version of plug-in with a quite heavy one page, it worked perfectly. All effects and email forms etc. Tested on VPS 1core / 1GB.

To ThePoorMan

Did the exported page contain only html and CSS?