How to change max width of SVG-site logo?

  • 18 October 2021
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I have a website for which I use a logotype as a signet in SVG format. Its written text which makes it run pretty wide: 

I have the size of the site logo set to 100%. This renders it too small in Safari for desktop browser. When I check with «inspect element» it states that the intrinsic size is 300 px wide:


This is too small, I want it to be 360px wide, but still use percentage, not pixels.


Where does this size-limitation of 300px for the width come from? Where can I change that? I have tried the Customizer but not found any way to do that. Could it be a setting of Astra (free, latest version) theme?


Thanks a lot for any hint!

5 replies

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Hi @oligraph ,

There is a good chance the fixed pixel size is coded right into the SVG. Try opening your SVG in a code or text editor and removing the fixed height/width code. Then re-upload to Elementor and see if changing the image widget sizing works as desired.


Thank you kindly for your reply, Brian,


but I have not found any info regarding size – neither when exporting from Illustrator, nor when I export the code.

In Illustrator it is displayed as 240 pixels wide, but when I use FreeRuler to measure it it says it’s about 330 pixels wide ;-).


Still, nothing like the «intrinsic» 300…



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If you open that SVG in a code editor or plaintext editor, do you see anything like the following?

<svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 99 99" width=”300px” fill="000000"><path d="M24.69 48.37a2.16 2.16 0 0…

If you do, try removing the width=”whatever”, save, and then upload to Elementor. Not sure if this is the right track, but worth checking.


Sorry for the delay, Brian:


but there is no width stated in my info for the svg file, version 1.1.

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13 days later? Seems not to be very urgend. :smile: