How do I create a post within a post template (ACP fields)

  • 14 October 2021
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I want to display an event.  I have an ‘event’ CPT.  One of the ACP fields in the ‘event’ is a link to a ‘location’ CPT.  I have created a two-column template and I want to put the ‘location’ details (ACF fields within the ‘location’ CPT) in one of the columns.  This means I need to put the details of the ‘location’ CPT “inside” the template that is linked to an ‘event’ CPT.



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Sorry.  I meant ACF fields.

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In a Text Editor or Title widget, click on dynamic tags and choose ACF Fields, then the tiny wrench to see your available fields.


That displays a single ACF field.  I need to display two ACF fields with some text in between:

ACF_field text ACF_field

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Can you stack 3 widgets?  Textbox w/ACF | Text with custom text | Textbox w/ACF?

This would put the three under each other, instead of beside each other.  If I could put an Inner Section inside a column, I could create a 3-column Inner Section.  Then I could place them beside each other.  But, alas, you can’t put an Inner Section inside a column.

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You can create an inner section inside a column.  You could also position your widgets inline so they don’t stack if your column is wide enough.


VERY GOOD!  I didn’t know about that option under “Position.”  I will have to dig into it further.


Thanks, again!


Larry Woods

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Let me know if its fixed

Went to your site.  There is an “alert(0)” that is being executed on each page load.