Elementor Pro Template Kits Do Not Work

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This has been an issue for me with elementor for the past 5 years.  Always broken.  I hate to say it because I love most of their platform.  It drove me away because I was delaying all my projects. I use Divi for most things as they have improved tremendously.



I resolved this by unlinking the the account and checking my login email to wp-admin was the same as the one I have registered with Elementor. 

Do check this and ensure they are the same. 
I use my professional email as part of my profile in wp-admin and had my personal one registered here. 
There was clearly a clash and changing either to match sorted it for me. :) 

This did not work for me. I even did a clean WP installation, installed Hello theme, then Elementor plugin, then the Pro plugin "", loaded the Kit Library, chose the one I want to apply, click Apply and I still receive the "Something Went Wrong" message.

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Solved. I am including the link sent to me by Elementor. I had to go into CPanel and enable ZipArchive. Did that and everything starting working perfectly.