Elementor Pro Template Kits Do Not Work

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The issues is with PHP v8 or above. 

Try to downgrade your php versión to 7 or above.

  • First step: shutdown your server,
  • Second step: change the versión of PHP,  like php 7.4.21 (last version at this time).
  • Third step: run your server.
  • Four step: Try again to add kit library.

If works, put your like down. Thanks. :thumbsup_tone1:

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Solved. I am including the link sent to me by Elementor. I had to go into CPanel and enable ZipArchive. Did that and everything starting working perfectly.


I had the same problem. When I reconfigured the PHP version from 8.0 to 7.4 it worked without problems!

Thanks.  This solved my problem.