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"So why don't you share your work?" a user asked us somewhat cheekily in our weekly Feedback Friday Post. Indeed, why don't we? So..


🚀 Check out the very first step in our complete redesign of!
Naturally 100% built using Elementor for WordPress and this is just the beginning.

We'll continue to improve and grow as time goes on. As always, your constructive feedback is greatly appreciated. But don't forget, our designers are human too 😄

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I love it but I have 2 requests

  1. The fadeInUp transition speed on “Elementor Experts” can be little lower.  
  2. Input color on Form  need to change ASAP, currently it is black and bad for accessibility too.

Thank you

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HI @Verdi Heinz really nice redesign weel done.

Very interesting the Mega Menu and i’m sure that @Thangjam Kishorchand appreciate this ispiration ;) 

May be, totally a personal opinion, i would not have used so many colours in the site.

For example  in GET STARTED cta present in this section (Get Started)

i would have followed the layout used at the site’s begin 


N.B. i’ve loved the choice to create a folder that show a readable url for users and, i think, also for Google (i’m refering to and etc etc)
Has dobe for SEO and Google or only for a readable url?

Finally… about Speed ( do you’ll improve? 

Would be really interesting to follow the optimization of page speed on your pages.

I prefer to stop because I realize that any observation made to the gurus of the web risk to make me appear unsympathetic and to believe to be an expert while I am nobody and I am only expressing a very personal opinion and absolutely subjective opinion.

Thanks for the possibility of expression and i’m sure that if you’ll share a video about the site’s redesign it will have a big success.


Website is Amazingly Fast !!!! Wondering how you guys did these with all those fancy stuffs !!!. ALso wondering are you guys really using HELLO Theme or custom made one? TBH REALLY IMPRESSED with the speed it loads. If possible please share Server Details like RAM, COmpany etc? I use Siteground and they have a amazing Cache Plugin wihich creates magic but still your website is REALLY IMPRESSIVE !!!

I support a lot of design choices here. There’s more room for functional UI now. But birthday cake...


Please optimise for Google Page Speed Insights (mobile). It looks bad for an official WordPress page builder site while everyone talk about PSI.

I did not like it, to be honest,  I think design just uses shapes but with colors we hve rolledback and same i feel when i hover, on menu I am not sure if that is the way to stand unique, But I was more impressed with last design, you see color usage But I don’t see its over all coming together, well its my personal opinion it may defer form person to person. But that is my honest opinion

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It has some nice elements. Have you considered adding a live demo so potential customers can actually test it out?… or at least expand on the various widgets as many 3rd party widget plugin websites do.

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It has some nice elements. Have you considered adding a live demo so potential customers can actually test it out?… or at least expand on the various widgets as many 3rd party widget plugin websites do.

i like idea to add a live demo so that users can manage the site and discover how has been created.

Also in my reply i’ve suggested to create video tutorial and, in those, could be attached the .Json file.

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My eyes can´t really settle on the redesign, TBH, it´s so loud.
It is a bit better when I use the iMac 27” and look at your site, but the many sections, styles, contents and graphic samples over-pack my browser when I´m on my Macbook 15”.

And you use 3 various fonts, if I´m correct? 

There´s also lots...*lots*...of soft and dark pink and forms that seemingly don´t belong.



I love the dark pastel blue in your footers on e.g. though. It is balm on my pupils. :grin:

I’m sorry I’m not a fan. This looks like the work of a fair to middle-ground designer. I love your product, but I wouldn’t be happy if my team delivered the new design.

If someone from the Elementor Team is interested in further feedback feel free to reach out and I’ll ask some of my seniors to share why.

Jason A

Very nice design - love the demo idea also!

The design is a C+ 
The team could have done better.

Looks great but I would LOVE to have a searchable/sortable for website business types/design types on the showcase page when looking for inspiration.


Just thought I’d mention that the mobile version of the hummingbird site isn’t showing the name of the site properly. This doesn’t make me think it’s a good choice for mobile. I wouldn’t ever produce something like that. You guys might want to fix it. It’s making me question Elementor as a choice when thinking of mobile first design practice. :innocent:

Otherwise… I like it.

I actually have a question regarding the button functionality. The buttons that have arrow icons, which slide to the right and the button has an animated underline upon hover… I’m assuming this was achieved with an add-on or extra CSS? If so, seems like a funny thing to use so much if it’s unachievable with the core Elementor product. 

But also, I’d love to do this in my design as lightweight as possible. 

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I’m not a fan of the new design and I find the color palette very unappealing.   Mobile issues as well..

  Resources &  Skills section links are totally messed up.

Elementor is a stunning tool to work with – but every time I’m in an Elementor user environment, I always feel like I’m in the wrong place. Not that I don’t like Cherry yogurt and Tulip pink, but I just don’t relate those tones to serious design work. Wherever possible, I switch to the Dev version, to have a nice solid gray instead.

Please, please reconsider your brand colors to something less “breakfast at a cute hotel with the girls”.


I had fallen in love with Elementor since it began… started with free, then upgraded to Pro, and then to Expert. But I was shocked at the recent price bump - luckily I have subscribed before that happened, or else Elementor would be beyond my pocket range.

Nice work, texts are great, but you used too much colors, and website now looks less neat and professional. 

New faded pastel colors, especially the pink color on the home page hero section don’t feel nice. Too pastel, it will go better with illustrations, but not with photos, photos look better with your previous palette. 

Contrast in footer is really bad, you should fix that, I have a good eye sight and it is pulling my eyes the bad way. 

Your mega menu looks nice, hopefully this will be your next widget so your customer won’t have to buy a plugin for that. Why the ugly illustrations with small heads?

Your new redesign was not much of an innovation. It does not feel like next level design. Why messed with something you did very well before? 

hmmm… a bit too much candy-like over all?

the before approach just seemed more streamlined and appeared more professional to me.

Messaging Impressions

So I think that the main demonstration video is a fantastic idea.  People can see a process within a few seconds  that would take many words to explain.  This was a great call.

After that, I feel that the homepage suffers a bit from a large gap in messaging (and one that’s consistent with a few points that Seth Godin made in the talk today).

It goes from extremely general -> very specific, without explaining what Elementor’s brand is, or addressing the reasons why you’d choose Elementor, specifically, over anything else.

Marketing-wise, on the home page, I’m looking for some kind of emotional connection that tells me I, the prospective user, should be using Elementor.  Ok, it’s a page editor: but what problems does this solve specifically for me?  What is the key that separates Elementor from the other page builders?  I think that this will be increasingly important as Gutenberg adds features and other builders pop up.

Right now the page tells me the following:

  • It’s a page builder (with demonstration, which is good)
  • It has a bunch of widgets
  • A lot of people are using it (8M+)
  • It works for sites in different categories (like Business, Creative, Ecommerce)..  But *every* major WP addon, theme, page builder trumpets the fact that it’s flexible to be used for different categories.  What sets Elementor apart?  Sure, it’s important for a prospective buyer to see use cases that might apply to them.  But if they’re seeing those same use cases everywhere, why choose Elementor?
  • There are different sections (A blog, a developer hub, tutorials, etc).

And to put myself in the mindset of a prospective user, this leaves me with the following questions:

  • It has a bunch of widgets (90+)..  But so does every widget addon plugin, so does WP’s own Gutenberg, and many of the top themes come with widgets now.  What makes me want to use Elementor’s widgets, specifically?
  • What are the 2-3 key things that make Elementor stand apart from Gutenberg (5.8+) and from other page builders?
  • What are the headaches that this plugin solves for WP users?  I see one of them highlighted in a small bullet point (Plugin Proliferation), but I’m sure there are others.  This is the emotional (vs. functional) messaging that Seth was talking about today.  Ok it’s a page builder — but how will this plugin make my life easier?  Save me money?  What problems do I have to deal with now, that I won’t if I’m using Elementor?
  • Why do people who choose Elementor over other options do so?

Here is one example of a point that might encourage me to chose Elementor over say, Gutenberg or something else:

  • The workflow (which is linked in the Navigation Bar if I dig into it, but great stuff like Theme Builder isn’t mentioned on the main page, although the Custom Template Library is).  The section that says “Professional Workflow” doesn’t link me anywhere.  This doesn’t need to go into minute detail as it’s a summary, but a picture of the theme builder and a tiny blurb that says why you’re proud of Elementor’s workflow, for example, would go a long way.  If I’m looking at say, the Divi homepage and the Elementor homepage and trying to tell them apart, this is something that would get my attention.
  • The workflow with Theme Builder specifically solves the issue of organization.  Meaning that instead of a flat list of template titles which all look the same, I can see the important parts of my website visually at a glance.  That’s important enough to mention on the homepage.

We tend to use Testimonials as a quick fix for emotional messaging — but given that literally every product has testimonials now (and that we all know how easy it is to create glowing testimonials, no matter how good the product itself actually is), I think it’s worth being consistent and including this in the copy as well.  For me, as a person with my own goals, desires, and issues, how will Elementor improve my life?  If you can answer that question directly without me having to dig deeply into the rest of the website, you’ve caught my interest already.

Anyway, I apologize if that’s TLDR, but since we hear so much about these principles in places like the Blog and the event today, I figured it was worth mentioning how they might apply to the homepage.

I like it ok. I thought it was a little too busy. Some people like myself likes things to be less busy so not to be distracted.  Secondly, I think the home color choices in some areas lacks good contrast.  For a person that has perfect or near perfect vision, this might be ok. I know Elementor is a design tool and most certainly should display those features but the contrast is a bit straining to my eyes.

Still, I love Elementor!