background color on menu not active

  • 11 October 2021
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I have an easy yet perplexing issue and would appreciate assistance if anyone has time.
This site is a replica of one I coded back in 2012. The customer wanted an exact duplicate set in WP so they can make edits on-site.
I constructed a side vertical menu and want to space out the menu items with white space between each while all contain the same background color. The effect is to look like separate buttons.
I set the pointer to “background” in the “style” menu yet I do not get the “background-color” option for the menu item’s background. The “Normal” condition remains white-with no options to change it.
I have tried the "Background_color" in the "Advanced" tab but that fills the entire div/menu.
I am using the Pro level so I don’t understand why the simple option of each list-tem background-color option would be missing.
What am I missing?


3 replies

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Try the advanced tab → background:



Thanks for responding.

Yes, I tried that. That fills in the entire box the menu resides in and not the menu button itself. In CSS terms it’s like filling the div background and not the list item.

I’d like to space out the menu items but filling the background will not make the individual menu items separate.




Still no resolution. Any other thoughts/comments is welcome.