Them builder - Header visualization problem

  • 14 January 2022
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Hi guys,

I’m using Elementor Pro combined with the Rhye theme on my Wordpress website. My need is to have 3 different menus on my head that will be shown depending on the page where we are.

I thought of doing it using the theme builder to creare 3 different heads and put the pages i need in the Display Condition.

I’m able to create and to set different Heads in each page using the Elementor theme builder and when I look at each single page the head i correctly shown. The problem seems to arise when I browse my webisite between certain pages. In these cases the head is not shown correctly and I need to refresh pages in order to have the correct visualization.

I’ve tried to update my theme and the Elementor plugin, I’ve also tried to increase the server limits but the problem persist.

Anyone have any idea about a possible solution?

0 replies

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