Just sharing in case it helps others - Wordpress not Loading

  • 14 January 2022
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I’m just sharing this in case it helps others and I am far from tech savy, just following my nose really… 

I began creating my own website a few weeks ago and this week I began having trouble loading Elementor (which I really like). I talked with GreenGeeks, my webhost and after talking with several levels of technical help and lots of things to try, including internet searches, nothing helped. I was almost going to reinstall Windows but as a last resort I hardwired my internet to see if internet speed had anything to do with it but it didn’t so I decided I was going to deactivate Elementor. Bizarrely when I went into the plugins I couldn’t see it so then went into Elementor itself to see if I could find a way to deactivate it there. Then I noticed the ‘Experiments’ tab. I clicked on that and saw that all the experiments were default. So I switched everything to inactive and whallah! It loaded. I tried 3 times in different tabs and again it loaded each time! I haven’t been able to do this since Monday or Tuesday this week. So I turned them back to default one at a time and when I got to ‘Favorite Widgets’ it stopped loading. So I switched that back to inactive and continued making the others default and it continued to work. I then went back to favorite widgets and made it default again and once again it stopped working. I don’t know if this is a fluke or what but wanted to share just in cases!

2 replies

This is a known bug.  I had the same problem a couple weeks ago and found that same culprit!  The Facebook group seems to be a better place to communicate on these issues. 

Wow thanks Sue! I will look for the Facebook group!