Dynamic Background Images Not Showing On Certain Templates

  • 4 January 2022
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Hi Team. 

I’m currently having a similar issue at the moment (January 2022) as this from a few months ago - 


I’m on E versions 3.5.3 (standard) and 3.5.2 (Pro). 

I’m finding that my standard templated page hero section with a dynamic image is showing up fine, but I had an additional template for a child set of pages (Activities > Crazy Golf etc) where the header is set to Dynamic (Feature Image) but its not showing on Desktop but it is showing on mobile and tablet. I haven’t setup anything specific for the tablet/mobile breakpoints. 


The only difference is some of you don’t get the image editing options in the backend but I have those.


I’ve rebuilt the page template header section from scratch again but it hasn’t fixed the issue. I can’t see anything in the Browser Inspect Tool but I could be missing something. 


Caching is on, but I’ve purged all caches (including server side Vanish) and when testing I can change the overlay colour and that does appear successfully. I’ve switched all plugins on and off to check conflicts and can’t see any problems. I’ve even tried rolling back Elementor a few times to no avail. 


The URL is and its the Activities sub pages (Crazy golf, Picnic etc) that have the issue. The other pages appear to work find with dynamic background images set to the Feature Image. 


Any help to get this working would be greatly appreciated. I need to get it live for the client asap. 

1 reply


Just to respond to my own thread as I haven’t had any assistance so far. I’ve found that its another bug with the ‘Additional Breakpoints’ experiment. I tested this experiment but switched it off because it was causing all laptop settings to override any mobile or tablet settings (layouts, text sizes etc were still pulling the laptop version and not mobile settings). 

I switched the experiment off but it seems that it still causing a lingering issue where it won’t show a dynamic background image on desktop but it will then show it on tablet and mobile. After activating the experiment again its fixed the issue but I haven’t touched the other layouts for fear that the laptop version will break them again. 

Definitely one of the buggiest releases to date for me.