All Media + Testimonial Carousels + Galleries Broken after update (me

  • 20 October 2021
  • 5 replies

Installed the Elementor update last night -- today none of the image galleries, image carousels, and testimonial carousels are functioning. The only thing I’ve done differently was update Elementor.

I’ve even deleted the gallery/carousel to create a new one, but neither work.

Anyone else having this issue?


5 replies

We’ve discovered a swiper.js library that seems like it's not loading --- which may be the reason for it -- but don’t understand how that could have happened with an elementor update? Anyone have ideas? I added the Dev plugin and removed it.. could it have been that? 

my carousels are jacked up too. did you find a resolution?

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can anyone form you guys send me a link ?

same here, I’ve sent you the details via PM

we have the theme developer looking at it so i’ll post an update (hopefully a resolution!) 


for reference, the testimonial carousel is no longer viewing each testimonial as a single entry. there are 4 testimonials on our site and all 4 display at once, but the setting are for 1 at a time (this was working before). then all 4 will move left off screen and leave a large blank void. 


the second carousel no longer displays anything as it no longer recognizes the categories. when you try under source, select categories it shows “no results found” (this was also working before)


both are reformatting the site leaving large empty areas. im hoping for a fix today otherwise i may roll back and spin up a dev site to keep troubleshooting. Thanks for the speedy replies. fingers crossed the theme devs can get it sorted out!